The Bitcoin Network Hashrate Has Passed 1 Exahash


The total network hashrate of the Bitcoin network has reached an added key milestone, passing more than one Exahash per second or one thousand Petahashes per 2nd peaking at 1,008,642,232 GHS in accordance to the data from Blockchain.information. Interestingly enough the total network hashrate at the previous difficulties adjustment on January 13th was just about 811 Petahashes and back in November final twelve months the hashrate was just about 500 Petahashes per second or half than what it is now. This is actually critical and quickly growth of the complete network hashrate that Bitcoin is encountering doubling in just about two months. So what comes up coming right following Exahashes per 2nd, can you guess when the network hashrate will get to Zettabytes or Yottabytes&amp#8230 perhaps we are going to see these in the near to possible if it continues to build at this sort of rapid pace.

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