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Some Tips for the Latest Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.0

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Minebox – A Personal Cloud Storage and Cryptocurrency “Miner”

The Minebox work has really been announced a whilst ago as a fascinating resolution that incorporates a NAS device for saving your personalized data with a blockchain powered cryptocurrency for conserving different other customer&#8217s information on your entirely free of charge and added location and creating earnings for doing that. Minebox depends on spending budget-friendly Venture good quality hardware from HP, namely the HP MicroServer that we&#8217ve covered prior to as an fascinating choice in regards to utilize with SiaCoin and Storj for instance. So we had been not surprised that this job has in fact established to opt for the particular products from HP as properly as expand the base NAS capability with help for SiaCoin (SC) &#8220mining&#8221 by renting your presently unused location. It is undoubtedly an intriguing notion, getting tools that you could use for file storage as effectively as at the actual exact same time it may possibly also devote for itself thanks to renting out the additional sources this kind of as complimentary difficult disk room progressively.

If Minebox gets a great deal os user passion as effectively as we believe that it has the achievable to do so, right after that it might set off the passion in other companies that are specializing already in a lot more attribute abundant NAS remedies to integrate blockchain-powered answers as well as a part of their portfolio. We are discussing companies such as Asustor, Qnap, Synology and also other individuals that might make a selection to add help for their items to lease unused room and enable the proprietors of the tools to receive paid for that thanks to sustain for SiaCoin or Storj or perhaps something else&#8230

&#8230 Minebox has uncovered that it will start off a presale of the MineBox NAS products beginning following week &#8211 &#8211 February 6th, evidently using ShapeShift as a companion for the repayment with Bitcoin as properly as other altcoins. Even though really tiny particulars regarding the presale or when the real devices will commence to ship is however obtainable, hopefully it will surely be swiftly. It interests see if there will moreover be a computer software application just service in addition offered for innovative men and women that may possibly want developing their really own products or adding it on existing HP Proliant Microservers they may possibly own. Up till now it is most most likely tha Minebox will surely be staying with supplying customers with the total remedy of hardware and also computer software plan with each other, however you ought to nevertheless be capable to update your preliminary hardware such as adding additional tough drives for instance.

Minebox 8TB Specs:
&#8211 &#8211 HP Model: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T
&#8211 &#8211 HP Model edition: 819185-001
&#8211 &#8211 Processor: Intel Celeron G1610T 2.four GHz
&#8211 &#8211 Cpu cores: 2 cores
&#8211 &#8211 Cache Memory: 2MB( 1x2MB )L3 cache
&#8211 &#8211 Memory: 4GB( 1x4GB )PC3L-128000E DDR3 UDIMM
&#8211 &#8211 Network controller: HPE Ethernet 1Gb two-port 332i Adapter
&#8211 &#8211 Storage controller: HPE Dynamic Intelligent Assortment B129i Controller
&#8211 &#8211 Disk drive: 8TB (2x4TB) Western Digital Delicacy Red
&#8211 &#8211 Inner storage space: four LFF NHP-SATA HDD CAGE
&#8211 &#8211 PCI-Express ports: one criterion (1-Reduced Account) PCIe two.
&#8211 &#8211 Energy provide: 150W
&#8211 &#8211 Fans: One particular (one) Non-redundant method follower ships typical
&#8211 &#8211 Operating Technique: xOS one.
&#8211 &#8211 Kind element: Ultra Micro Tower
&#8211 &#8211 Guarantee: one-year components
&#8211 &#8211 Dimension: 23.eight x 45.6 x 47.9 centimeters

&#8211 &#8211 You could get even far more data concerning the Minebox process on its main website right right here&#8230

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Bitmain Getting Ready to Launch the Antminer L3 Scrypt ASIC Miner

Yet another interesting piece of data about the well-liked ASIC manufacturer Bitmain as apparently the company is preparing to launch their 1st Antminer L3 Scrypt Miner. Some of you might keep in mind that back in 2014 Bitmain was arranging to launch Antminer L1 Sctypt ASIC miner, but that 1 never came into existence. Apparently back then the company reached a stage that permitted even with out launching a item to carry on working and get an even more efficient answer and right here comes the L3. There is some details accessible about the device currently, even however it is not yet officially listed on the English site of Bitmain (you can discover a merchandise webpage on the Chinese one).

You can uncover some photos and even some early performance final results on-line from peopel that managed to get some early units apparently, including a tweet from charlie Lee who designed Litecoin (LTC) about getting a single of these devices. A lot more common availability is expected occasionally in February possibly because of the incoming Chinese New Year, so we are going to have to wait some much more time. What is the most interesting point about the Bitmain AntMiner L3 Scrypt ASIC miner is the efficiency that the device not only apparently guarantees, but also delivers &#8211 250 MHS hashrate with just 400 Watt energy utilization. This makes is considerably much more electrical power productive compared to its only competitor with a latest generation of Scrypt ASIC hardware obtainable &#8211 Innosilicon A4 Dominator (280 MHS at 1000W). The price listed on the merchandise webpage is 1.825 BTC or a tiny above $ 1600 USD at the existing exchange rate. Do note that the Antminer L3 ASIC does come with no a power supply, but with the energy usage the gadget has it does not require costly and harder to locate energy provide, a good 500W PSU must do just fine.

Bitmain Antminer L3 Specifications:
&#8211 Scrypt mining hashrate: 250 MHS
&#8211 Power consumption: 400W ± ten% (at the wall, with Bitmain&#8217s APW3-1600 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature))
&#8211 Energy efficiency: 1.6J/MH ± 10% (at the wall, AC / DC efficiency of 93%, 25°C ambient temperature)
&#8211 Rated voltage: eleven.6 ~ 13.0V
– Chip Variety: BM1485
– Chip quantity per unit: 144 chips
&#8211 Variety of boards in the total machine: 4 pcs
&#8211 External dimensions: 230 mm (L) * 135 mm (W) * 158 mm (H)
&#8211 Machine bodyweight (with no packaging): two.5kg
&#8211 Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C
&#8211 Working Humidity: five% RH-95% RH, non-condensing
&#8211 Network connection: Ethernet
&#8211 Noise degree: 60dB

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New Bitmain AntMiner T9 ASIC Miner Offering 11.5 THS Hashrate

Bitmain has announced a new AntMiner T9 ASIC miner that should go on sale these days for $ 1104 USD giving eleven.5 THS hashrate. The new miner is based on the preceding AntMiner S9, although it comes with a bit drastically much less chips that are apparently clocked at a larger operating frequency. The new T9 is a bit more affordable, but not as powerful as the S9 as primarily based on the official specs it consumes about 1450W for the eleven.five THS while the Batch 22 of the S9 came with eleven THS at 1078W and Batch 23 was with 14 THS for 1372W. The new T9 miner comes with just 171 BM1387 chips even though the S9 was based mostly mainly on 189 BM1387 chips. The two fans cooling the new gadget are the exact same as on S9, so you can anticipate comparable degree of noise from the gadget. So in quick the new AntMiner T9 does not in truth appear so desirable to miners, but with the lack of new S9 miners you may not have much of a variety&amp#8230

BitMain AntMiner T9 Specs:
&amp#8211 Hash Fee: eleven.5TH/s. A variation of +/- 5% is anticipated
&amp#8211 Energy Consumption: 1450W +7% (at the wall, with Bitmain&amp#8217s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature)
&amp#8211 Energy Efficiency: .126J/GH + seven% (at the wall, with Bitmain&amp#8217s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature)
&amp#8211 Rated Voltage: eleven.60 ~ 13.00V
&amp#8211 Chip Kind: BM1387
&amp#8211 Chip amount per unit: 171 chips
&amp#8211 Dimensions: 350mm (l) x 135mm (w) x 158mm (h)
&amp#8211 Cooling: Two 12038 followers. Front fan: 6000RPM, rear fan: 4300RPM
&amp#8211 Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C
&amp#8211 Network connection: Ethernet

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New Faster NiceHash EQM 1.0.4a Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner Available


Just in time for Xmas a brand-new NiceHash EQM one..4 a miner is supplied with about ten-15 % price increase for proprietors of Nvidia GPUs mining Zcash(ZEC). Like preceding variations of the EQM miner it will only advantage advertising and marketing your hashrate on NiceHash, so unable to mine on a single a lot more swimming pool with it. The most up to date speed bump is planned for SM52 as properly as SM61 capable Nvidia GPUs (that suggests just 9xx and also 10xx cards), so no speedups for proprietors for first gen Maxwell GTX 750 (Ti) nonetheless. Currently only a Windows edition is offered. We are seeing a fantastic bump from regarding 320 H/s with the earlier edition to a little above 360 H/s on a stock GTX 1070 GPU with the 1..4 a, overclocking brings also additional hashrate.

&#8212 For extra data and also to download and install the NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner&#8230

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New Faster NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner


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New Faster EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner for Nvidia GPUs


There is a brand-new miner for Nvidia CUDA GPUs accessible for extracting Zcash(ZEC) guaranteeing a somewhat considerably more rapidly hashrate compared to the currently fastest execution of the NiceHash EQM Zcash NVIDIA miner. The most crucial feature of this new miner is that it is not constrained to only extracting on NiceHash, so regardless of the precise identical rate it is nevertheless a great point to have as it supports Stratum mining on other mining swimming pools in addition to NiceHash (it does seem to support NiceHash&#8217s Extranonce Subscribe also). Inning accordance with the writer of the miner it is designed for Nvidia Pascal GPUs, but should function on older Compute three. or greater Nvidia GPUs with at the quite least 1 GB of video memory. Do note that the miner is not open resource and also there is only a Windows 64-bit binary launch readily accessible right now, it does not seem to be based on other prominent codebase and is not currently being reported as malicious computer software application by antivirus products. You could nevertheless intend to have anything in mind as the personal that published it on Bitcointalk is a new account and also not a properly-acknowledged miner programmer, also even though it appears that the miner does perform very well.

The EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner has an integrated designer charge that is established at two%, implying that each and every ten minutes the software plan will undoubtedly switch to a different swimming pool as well as mine for the developer some shares and following that receive back to mining for you. The author of the software program application declares speeds of about 250 H/s for Nvidia GTX 1070 even though the NiceHash EQM miner does currently about 220 H/s on the exact same GPU. Our rapidly tests exposed a hashrate of about 235-240 H/s average (as much as 250 H/s) on supply GTX 1070, so nonetheless a little considerably more quickly, nevertheless not as much as you could wish it to&#8230 &#8230 then there is the dev value as well and also it appears that we are seeing relatively considerably far more declines than, notably when modifying to extract for the dev charge. So whilst this could be an intriguing choice for customers prepared to my own beyond NiceHash, the real efficiency that you might get poolside could not be a good deal numerous than with specifically what is presently the quickest application from NiceHash (pondering about the dev charge and the declined shares)&#8230

&#8211 &#8230 &#8211 For even more data concerning the brand-new faster EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner for Nvidia GPUs&#8230

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Claymore’s Zcash AMD Miner is Really Killing Everything Else Performance Wise


& Claymore & # 8217s Zcash(ZEC) AMD miner has actually depended on date a few times presently due to the fact that the launch of the initial version from some days in the past. The variety of optimizations as well as hashrate enhancements with pretty significantly each significant update has actually been tremendous, bringing back to life a number of the previous AMD Radeon GPUs such as 7950/7970 or the 280X, several of the most common mining video clip cards for the last variety of several years. The current launch, currently a considerable edition 6 brought even more repairs and also optimizations in terms of performance. As a single would expect Nvidia is left after a lot a lot more, although there were some indicators that recently it was starting to catch up to the quantities of overall performance of AMD GPUs, it is now however once again considerably slower. So proprietors of Nvidia-based mining rigs may well desire to switch over to some other replacement for mining currently right after one of the most recent capability boosts from Claymore. Do have in thoughts even so that Claymore&& # 8217s Zcash miner does have a 2.5% dev charge, beneath is a checklist of significant adjustments and updates of the miner adhering to the original release:

Variation v6.:
& & # 8211 boosted speed by about 20-25% (depends upon card version). About 180H/s on supply 390.
& && # 8211 & # 8220-i & # 8221 criterion values are & # 82304 now, default value is && # 8220-i 4 & # 8221. & # 8211 taken care of situation with combined cards.

Edition v5.:
& & # 8211 enhanced speed by regarding thirty-50% (relies on card model). Regarding 145H/s on stock 390X.
& & # 8211 improved help for Stimulant sixteen.x as well as 4xx cards.
& & # 8211 reduced CPU application.

Design v4.:
— better rate by regarding twenty% (depends upon card version). Up to 100H/s on stock 390X on && # 8220-i 2 &
# 8221 setting.– additional & # 8220-retrydelay & # 8221 choice
.– added & # 8220-nofee & # 8221 choice
.– various bug repairs.
— transformed coloring.
— EthMan: added && # 8220View miner console&& # 8221 command.

Version v3.-v3.1:
— enhanced speed by 20-30% (relies on card version). As much as 80H/s on stock 390X on && # 8220-i two & # 8221 setting.

&& # 8211 improved security. Edition v2.1: & # 8211 additional & # 8220-i & # 8221 option for adjusting mining strength and also CPU utilization.
& & # 8211 boosted pace for greater strength setting (&& # 8220-i 2 & # 8221), concerning 60H/s on stock 390X, 50H/s on stock 280X.
& & # 8211 because nicehash can not improve their ddos protection, now && # 8220-allpools 1&& # 8221 is needed for this pool.

Edition v2.:
& & # 8211 boosted speed by five-15% (depends on card version).

Version v1.one:
— included Linux version.
— set interest in rejected shares right after devfee mining.
— remove && # 8220-allpools 1&& # 8221 selection if you use it as well as mine on miningpoolhub, suprnova, coinmine or nicehash pools.
— added & # 8220XnSub&& # 8221 support for Nicehash.

&– fixed bugs. & # 8211 For a lot more particulars as well as to download one of the most present Claymore&& # 8217s Zcash AMD GPU Miner&& # 8230

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NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner for Windows Now Available


AMD GPU miners had been not too prolonged ago obtaining extremely the boost thanks to Claymore&amp#8217s Zcash miner on Windows, but now Windows consumers with Nvidia GPUs also acquired a great increase in ZEC mining performance thanks to the release of the NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner. It assortment of doubles the performance that people had been getting with the previous nheqminer from Nicehash, so now with a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs for instance you can be all the way up to about 400 H/s. Do note that the miner presently supports only newer Nvidia GPUs and will apparently not complete on something decreased than SM five. capable GPUs &amp#8211 Maxwell or Pascal.

The only disadvantage is that the miner at current only supports connection to NiceHash, so you can&#8217t use it with other pools. Even though this may nit be undesirable during the slow commence of ZEC mining, appropriate soon after that you might nevertheless want to go for mining and retaining Zcash rather of immediately giving it for profit. Hopefully in the subsequent couple of weeks we are also going to see a lot far more growth taking area for Nvidia customers and that goes not only for Linux, but for Windows customers as nicely.

Linux customers would virtually certainly want to go and try the latest version of the Silentarmy miner that also brought assistance for Nvidia GPUs and is apparently delivering equivalent performance as the NiceHash release for Windows. Also the Silentarmy miner is performing rather nicely on AMD hardware, so do consider it as successfully if you have this sort of mining rigs and are working them on Linux.

&amp#8211 For significantly a lot more data and to download the NiceHash EQM Zcash Nvidia Optimized Miner&amp#8230

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