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A Quick Look Into The Ethereum Powered AKASHA Project

The AKASHA project is called a next-generation social networks network powered by the Ethereum(ETH )world computer and embedded into the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). It is a task that we’ve been keeping an eye on together with a couple of similar tasks for crypto powered social media sites platforms as well as today we got an invitation to look into the newest Alpha version of the AKASHA. It appears however that the alpha has actually been out for some time already as well as it seems to be open for everyone interested to examine it out, so the email we got was extra a kind of reminder that we have to inspect the standing of the task. It appears that the job currently has a number of thousand users and posts with even more participating in to provide it a try constantly…

… We should start with the truth that AKASHA does not function in your web browser, like the similar in concept project Steem for instance, instead you have to download and install and also run an application to get access to the network. There are versions offered for Linux, Mac as well as Windows users offered, so all major software program systems are rather much already covered. If you are interested in providing AKASHA a shot you might want to head on to their GitHub page where you can download the newest alpha release. There are two separate versions readily available for every platform, one with an installed and

one that remains in a Zip archive that you could draw out as well as run directly. Because AKASHA is based on Ethereum when you first run it as well as install it you require to wait a little bit for it to synchronize, no do not fret it does not need to

download and install the complete Ethereum blockchain from the begin or something, though you might still have to wait a couple of minutes while you attach to some peers as well as obtain things progressing. Once you synchronize AKASHA you will certainly need to develop a new identity or essentially a profile on the network. You should enter an Initial Name, Akasha ID as well as a Passphrase as a need, the Surname area is optional and also you have some more optional information that you can get in too is you want to such as a brief concerning you or additional web links, you can also set an Avatar and a Background picture to utilize. In the future you will certainly be able to modify your Account details, only the username as well as password are not available to be changed and

there is no password recovery, so ensure you always remember your password, although we are not exactly sure if identities from the Alpha will certainly be readily available for the launch of the network. This is the window that invites you as soon as you do with the enrollment as well as long in with your profile and is essentially your customer interface for accessing the AKASHA network. You might need a long time as well as a little bit of playing to discover the currently readily available capability, even though we are mosting likely to show you a few of the most standard stuff here anyway. Do note that because this is still an Alpha variation of the task not all features are available and also working and the entire

thing is likewise running on the testnet for the minute. By default you are being shown the most up to date messages identified with the akasha tag, if you intend to see the most recent magazines just change to the Latest Entrances. The menu is on the left side, beginning with a connect to your account page as well as a number showing the amount of symbols you have readily available. This is an additional vital part of the entire project, it not only operates on the Ethereum blockchain, yet also utilizes Ethereum tokens to reward customers that publish content on the network. Given that it is still in Alpha the project utilizes AETH or the so called AKASHA ETH symbols rather than real ETH symbols and also you apparently start up with 5 AETH. As an examination token it does not have any kind of worth outside the objective of testing AKASHA, so do not hesitate to invest it electing articles while you discover the functionality of social media network.

Uploading web content on the AKSAHA social network is just one of the crucial aspects similar to with any various other social network, in addition to analysis and ballot for content posted by various other individuals of the network. The idea here nevertheless is that you get compensated for your contribution if various other users determine to sustain you with their ballots, unlike with standard social media networks where you don’t get rewarded. Posting something is truly very easy, you start by writing a title of your messages as well as a web content that can be made up of message as well as photos as well as you could conserve for later it as a draft or publish it

straight. Before your message appears on AKASHA there are a couple of even more details that you need to include some appropriate tags to make your post less complicated to be discovered for a specific subject that it covers in addition to choose a Permit for the blog post…. Now, below is the intriguing component, on AKASHA you get to pick exactly what kind of licensing you desire for the web content you upload … it can be All legal rights booked, or Some rights scheduled along with No civil liberties reserved where you get to decide if it is under CC or Public Domain name permit. Preserving copyright over all your posts or several of them or having actually everything released as well as available under Creative Commons certificate, it is all approximately you. The idea is that as soon as you publish something it is not like it you forgo all copyright over the material by default, you get to choose which also gets kept along with your message.

Do note that really publishing a message on the network does need you to invest some gas for the purchase on the network, so you will basically be spending some AETH currently to do that(ETH in the future ). So it is not only making up, yet likewise spending some symbols to actually make use of the AKASHA network as well as “costs” like these are meant to stimulate individuals to concentrate on intriguing and also helpful”high quality”material as well as not upload almost anything they think about. Unsure the number of you actually keep in mind that originally ETH was intended as a crypto token to be invest for implementing purchases on the Ethereum network and also not to operate in the same sense like a more standard crypto coin such as Bitcoin does for example.

When your post is up… you could choose it as various other customers can likewise vote for your post. You can naturally also elect for other users blog posts and you reach make a decision how much your ballot will certainly deserve … the much more worth the even more AETH you will certainly spend as well as the even more the corresponding individuals will get. There is additionally the option not only to Upvote, yet likewise to Downvote web content, nonetheless once you vote Up or Down you are

not able to retract your elect that post or transform your decision. You can browse posts by tags, consider the most recent magazines, or look for articles (can not yet browse for individuals on the network). You could search among the customers of the network and also look for the ones to Follow or see that is Following you, there is a functionality to simply tip customers directly too as opposed to just offering them votes need to you decide that you intend to do that. There is also a built-in conversation in AKASHA, though currently there is just a single official network for the Alpha release. You could naturally create your personal network too, but it will certainly be readily available for 1 Day as well as after that all the messages inside it will disappear.

This is pretty a lot the standard capability you have readily available in the current Alpha version of AKASHA, there are much more functions and performance en route as not whatever is already executed. The fundamental functionality is already there as well as it works pretty well in our opinion and also with some more added functions and renovations this job will have some good possibility. What you will probably observe nevertheless is that some things related to publishing or checking out information may take a little bit of time prior to they complete, this is something that requires some even more job is well as nobody wants to wait.

This is an Alpha version of the task and also you must keep in mind that should you choose to give it a shot at its present state, so things must improve for the last release. That you have to use software that you download and install and also operate on your computer system to access the AKASHA network may be a little bit of hassle as compared to other similar tasks that you could access directly from your Net Browser. Other than slower early adoption this ought to not prove to be such an issue later if the job captures on and draws in a lot of individual focus and among the most attractive factors right here are the incentives for the customers of the AKASHA network.

Another point that needs addressing at the moment is relating to rewards for users that could not have that terrific and interesting things to upload and obtain a great deal of ballots for their content or that in fact desire to contribute in means various compared to publishing themselves. Getting benefits permanently remarks or just for electing fascinating web content has shown to work well with various other similar projects, yet here this is not being awarded. Attracting customers at first is one point, but keeping them on the future is entirely various and for that to happen you need to involve them in different facets of contributing as well as communicating with each other, in addition to awarding them for that, especially when the rewards play a vital role in the task’s suggestion.

– If you want more information you should just have a look at the Alpha of AKASHA right here…

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DAO.Casino Announces Blockchain Based Decentralized Ethereum Gambling Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: DAO.Casino’s Ethereum blockchain based platform ensures safe, secure and profitable gaming experience while rewarding active participation.

March 10, 2017 – DAO.Casino’s Ethereum smart contracts based software expresses a practical business logic to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming and gambling industry. It offers a unique socio-technical protocol, which creates a fine balance between the platform’s usability and its autonomous economic infrastructure.

DAO.Casino, with its decentralized business model, creates a democratized gambling platform where everyone involved, irrespective of the designation, are recognized and rewarded for their contribution. The platform has tentatively scheduled the release for April 2017.

Be it players, developers or investors, DAO.Casino has a lot of offer to each one of its associates.

Business Model

DAO.Casino’s decentralized business model means that the project’s developers are as much as same as anybody who brings value to their platform. That’s the beauty of the system: it appreciates the participants and rewards them likewise.

DAO.Casino’s code is administered by mathematics — a cryptographically verifiable Ethereum powered code that automatically distributes funds amongst all the participants who bring value: developers, referrers, and random number providers.

Ilya Tarutov, the CEO of DAO.Casino explaining the choice of Ethereum protocol said,

“There are ways of providing a much better experience for the players and the game devs while creating a sustainable business model that scales. Ethereum provides a very useful technology to achieve this.”

For the Players

The existing gaming and gambling infrastructure is hugely rigged, and players have turned out to be the biggest victims of unfair betting outcomes. There is no such thing as a trusted third party as each gaming service, at some point in time manipulates the results to suit their business models. And the saddest part is the inability of players to call/prove the bluff, because the betting outcomes are calculated behind the curtains.

So, the first and the foremost thing DAO.Casino focuses on is usability. With usability, the platform wants to provide a perfect mixture of straightforward user-experience, provable fairness, and higher payouts.

To sum it up, these are some of the benefits users can receive by using DAO.Casino:

  • Straightforward UX
  • Discover unlimited provably fair indie gambling games
  • Choose the most suitable UI
  • Get higher payouts
  • Take part in a potentially largest lottery on Ethereum

For the Game Developers

DAO.Casino wants to eliminate a developer’s need to rely on closed-source gaming markets, where s/he hardly has any rights to monetise their work, raise funds for development or expect to bankroll without paying hefty commissions.

With its focus on offering a sustainable, attack-resistant platform, DAO.Casino offers a safe and thriving environment to developers in which they can build games freely, raise funds and bankroll without needing to rely on centralized models. So, with the platform, developers get to receive:

  • Scalable P2P marketplace
  • P2P referral system support
  • Possibility of raising funds for the bankroll
  • Build own Casino (front-end)
  • Verifiably genuine RNG provided by DAO.Casino
  • Retain the intellectual property

For the Token Holders

DAO.Casino token holders don’t just hold tokens under their mattress. Any member of the DAO.Casino can contribute & get rewarded for their active engagement. They can,

  • Invest token in any game’s bankroll and earn % from the game profits
  • Become a referrer & help players with platform discovery
  • Become providers of random numbers used by games.

DAO.Casino tentative first release is in April 2017.

Project Features

Resilient: Tokens are distributed amongst many contracts.
Fair distribution: Reward system is transparent & automatic (not controlled by a central authority).
Open & Extensible: Anyone can add a game or run their own casino UI.
Sustainable: Maintained by many participants.

Token Features

  • In-game currency – A native token to speed up transactions within the house
  • Random Number – Token holders can become providers of random numbers used by games.
  • Bankroll backing – Token holder can back any game of choice

Coming soon

During the month of March, DAO.Casino will be publishing:

  • A detailed system architecture
  • Token distribution & functionality details
  • Detailed description of RNG
  • Initial Solidity contracts
  • Security audit results

With its ethos and dedication to providing a provably fair, user-friendly experience DAO.Casino looks forward to creating a great future business for players and programmers alike.

About DAO.Casino

DAO.Casino is an open ecosystem for gambling games that doesn’t rely on a trusted third party. Its decentralized governance system built on Ethereum offers rewards to developers, security auditors, and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games with a straightforward user interface.

Learn more about DAO.Casino at – https://dao.casino/
Visit DAO.Casino’s blog – https://medium.com/@dao.casino
Follow DAO.Casino on Twitter at – https://twitter.com/daocasino

Media Contact

Contact Name: Ilya Tarutov
Contact Designation: CEO, DAO.Casino
Contact Email: team@dao.casino

DAO.Casino is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.



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