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Episode #73 – Principle Based Trading allows you to trade with confidence. Stick to your principles and you shall succeed! Bitcoin though! NEO/ANTSHARES THO!



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[All investing is speculative. Don’t be a n00b. This isn’t financial advice]

Disclaimer: No information on this website should be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with an attorney or other professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs.

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  1. bboy harshul says:

    hey man,  I’m about to invest $12000 into the market(BTC), is it the right time, what do you think..?

  2. JD says:

    Nice tips bro! I want to know what you like about Litecoin , especially since Lees pathetic effort, and more importantly, will you continue to cost average invest in it? I think it will continue to go further down market cap as many more coins come with more features etc. I was going to cost average invest like you do but thinking of changing perhaps to neo or strat or eos or perhaps a different one each time. Thoughts?

  3. Lynx Star Automotive says:

    Showing up to work: let’s talk REcoin:

    A platform used for the sole purpose of real estate investment/transactions. With their tokens being backed by physical real estate

    They claim that the majority of the proceeds from selling their tokens will go towards investing in real estate in established nations like USA, Japan, UK, Switzerland. At the moment the coins are discounted and selling at .85 usd/ REcoin.

    The currency will generate revenue in two ways: by being directly linked to the equity of aforementioned real estate investments. Or by the profits earned through transactions such as: receiving rent payments, financing to consumers and developers, payments for RE services.

    The ability to use Eth smart contracts to purchase, sell, and rent residential and commercial real estate.

    A small portion (2%) of the earnings/profits of REcoin will go towards none for profit organizations.

    The tokens are mineable, and minors receive 15% profit payout for their work. The mined tokens are sent to the "trust" which is used to fund the purchase of real estate for investment purposes.

    The founder is Maksim Zaslavskiy who claims to be an entrepreneur, activist, and RE investor.

    Here is the WP

    Sounds great on paper but as a real estate investor myself, some things make me scratch my head: firstly NOT ONE mention of any potential investment projects? In an economy where RE is booming, surely they could have included personal examples of properties in the works to be used with REcoin?

    No mention on if other types of currencies will be compatible with their platform? In the perfect world everybody will buy sell rent property with REcoin, but the real world is another story. Will they accept other cryptos on their platform to invest in RE? What about FIAT?

    The ICO was supposed to launch today, no news thus far. Intrigued, but cautious.

    Opinions, view points, info, and trolls welcomed.

  4. Rabadash says:

    Nice videos. Only yesterday discovered the channel and have only recently begun dabbling in cryptocurrencies.
    Was wondering what’s your take on For me it seems like another "to the moon" coin. So far the development is making steady progress, quite active within forums and social media. Also, the idea of using JavaScript seems very potent since it is one of the most popular programming languages out there today. Furthermore, the SDK release is supposed to come by the end of 2017.

  5. issam ismail says:

    I thought this might interest you ( I know u like LTC ) . Last 3 months: Average Low is $35.486, High is $39.39. thanks

  6. R N says:

    Cool list.  Presently suck at Pts 3, 4, 5 and 6, but working on correcting them now!

  7. pit says:

    3. Never lose money on a trade, ever.

    Not trolling but that’s very bad trading advice. Market conditions can change and make some of your hodl’s into a sell. More profitable situations may arise and your expected value can increase if you switch from one coin to the next.

    If you think you will be making mistakes greater than the expected value of switching if you don’t hold to this principal that’s fine but you’re leaving money on the table as a trader. Minimizing your losses is one of the greatest strenghts a trader can have.

    +1 to having some principals for your trading.

  8. Forsty says:

    First I bought NEO at $4 (not enough shares), then at $11, yesterday at $19. Guess I failed at principle 4. 🙁

  9. adamsappl3 says:

    funny that today neo dropped big time. especially on the release of its new wallet. time to get some more.

  10. Anton Bivens says:

    Man, I just watched a couple of your vidz and subscribed. The way you explain everything and break things down, especially for a noob like myself is awesome. I am understanding more than I did watching the other videos on youtube and can’t wait to dig into your collection. Thanks for helping people like myself! Keep it up brother!

  11. The Crypto Lark says:

    Nice, keep up the awesome work!

  12. Michael Renyi says:

    Hey, do you know when NEO will be available on some of the larger Western exchanges? And why isn’t it available now? Thanks!!

  13. on Tim says:

    Peter, plz do video about OmiseGO

  14. Nasser Mardini says:

    Greetings from Amman, Jordan! Loving the cryptonation. Keep it up bro

  15. NightWind420 says:

    Great vid & tips! Just subscribed.
    People are definitely greedy with NEO right now. So much hype and buying on FOMO…. I’m waiting for the crash to buy in more.

    I agree that most ICO are scam, and would not invest in it…. but I just jump in on AGRELLO lol
    what do you think of that one?

  16. Brian LO says:

    Never lose a dollar.
    Well I took some losses to hop onto the Antshares train but the gains from it covered it and then A LOT more lol

  17. Peter Gillock says:

    I’ve adopted your cost averaging plan a few days ago. But I’m doing it a bit differently. I started it in this world a few months ago by building a mining rig. So I’m currently planning to use the proceeds from mining to buy my weekly currencies. Current figures show me at about $110 per week, and I’m buying $100 worth of currencies. I plan to let the remainder stay as bitcoin. This way I’m only spending out of pocket for the electricity, and increasing my portfolio. And if my mining earnings go up, I’ll just keep dumping it into bitcoin. Thanks for your videos!

  18. Andrey says:

    Bro nice intro!!!!

  19. aloqwolf ghazi says:

    Thanks bro make me know where to begin… yeah im having fun now…!!

  20. Mr. Coin Market Cap A1 Baller says:

    You’re wrong, it’s not going to the moon, it’s going to Alpha Centauri

  21. Hondo says:

    Peter, can u recommend 2 books, that are must reads, from your library? Thanks

  22. Victor T says:

    Hey, trolls are people too! (sort of) Troll city is a community too! (kind of) You’re hurting their feelings 🙁

    Good video overall. I am wondering though, do you denote your profit in fiat or in bitcoin(or some other long term crypto). I ask because it doesn’t seem to make much sense to account your profits in dollars long term. We all know it’s just goatshit that’s going to zero but yet we’re still thinking about trading in dollar terms. It doesn’t seem to make as much sense in retrospect especially going into the future.

  23. Tea honey Lemon says:

    Hey mate, You already know i am new to crypto ( 1 month now ) …i wake up at 8am everyday and watch this shit till i sleep !!! i am a mad motherfucker and i will make this bitch dance! cheers

  24. Matt T says:

    Not to sell when your under water is why many people lose their shirts. That’s bad advice to give on investment. Sell your duds and buy some winners.

  25. Gmork says:

    Honesty and positivity. I respect that.

  26. Best Pet Crates says:

    Your in atlanta?

  27. Ox HaK says:

    Greetings from France, I am new a few months in "cryptos", I take my place in your spaceship, thank you for these informative and fun videos that I will now watch with attention! Keep up the good work!

  28. Kryptographyk says:

    Look mum!! I’m FAMOUS!!!!!

  29. aappiah1 says:

    Man you were born to do this shit ! Keep up the good work bro.

  30. Steven Dunleavy says:

    How do I sign up for the news letter Peter?. And btw I love your videos… you are the 1st person I found besides my buddy @kenn Bosak that I really really like and find you videos unbelievably resourceful. Thanks a bunch and keep me Coming #toothemoon!

  31. GP Swap says:

    is it possible to calculate expected value in the crypto world?

  32. Samyy Shaw says:

    I could use a positive community 🙂 do you have a group chat of such I can have on the go??

  33. John Will says:

    When I started BJJ – there was no internet!
    When the first UFC kicked off – people didn’t know what a website was! By the time the 10th UFC was aired – we still hadn’t heard of e-mail!
    Things have changed, evolved and morphed at a rapidly increasing rate over the past two decades. The ability to adapt, and keep up (even get ahead of) changes in the world around us, becomes more and more relevant every day. I have talked to people who have started a four year course at University, only to realise, as they neared the end of their course, that the filed was no longer relevant! Yikes!
    In many ways, it’s as if we are all running in a marathon … it takes effort just to keep up with the pack; let alone get out in front … that requires something special.
    Personally, I like a rapidly changing environment … I feel I am up for it. To thrive in that kind of environment is both stimulating and challenging – but it does take energy and at times, an effort of will.
    But after any race – we need rest. And I do believe very strongly in the importance of rest and rejuvenation. For me that takes the form of watching a movie, reading a book, getting out in the wilds and doing some hiking with a pack on my back, etc.
    Wishing everyone a great week ahead … do something different this week. read something you wouldn’t normally read – watch a movie you would normally think of watching – try a new technique on the mat – eat a new kind of food – have a chat with someone you don’t know – get yourself a digital wallet and buy a part of a Bitcoin! ( Change happens … we can ignore it – adapt to it – even revel in it. Those are our choices. – JBW

  34. jokespot says:

    That day you’ll be done like Doge.

  35. Andres Salvatore says:

    love #cryptonation community. To the moon!!

  36. Kermit the Frog says:

    *Ok those are some nice beginner tips. Now show us how to make a lambo a day. The moon that everyone is speaking of. I would like to take a glimps :)*

  37. Irishcowboywarrior says:

    Loved the NEO Clip at the beginning. YESS!

  38. Kakashi says:

    The future of will be #1 Bitcoin. #2 Factom. Based on 100s of hours of research over 5 years. You heard it here first. I agree with your observations on Dash.

  39. Guy Fawkes says:

    Here is a scenario. If you had to choose only ONE, which situation would you rather be in? Situation 1: You have 0.5 BTC valued at $1682. Or situation 2: You have 6.23 ETH valued at $1682

  40. weichen jiang says:

    This is my community now.and I will spread to my friends in Singapore!

  41. John Will says:

    I notice the Gi in the background … that right there is my SUBSCRIBE hook. You guys do a great job. I think I am the only member if the BJJ Dirty Dozen that has an Exodus Wallet. You guys should know what I mean. Kudos for your great work!

  42. Jay Wehrer says:

    Really enjoy the front bumpers – keep us laughing

  43. Fred B. says:

    Hi Everyone, would you mind kindly telling me which platform you like the most to tradd as I am currently using bittrex but cant find like I usually have as a normal trading platform for shares, information in an array and simple display the share I bought at which price then the current price..if I am losing or winning money et this on the same page for all the coins i have got . Also it always refers to BTC…why nit refering to usd or euro..Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

  44. gab beaudin says:

    I really like both your channel an your attitude ty. Great content

  45. Spencer Lin says:

    As an 18 year old student that’s broke and "gullible", I really appreciate your videos! Extremely educational 🙂 so far I’ve made $50 from a $100 increment thanks to your advice. Thank you so much, let’s go to the moon!

  46. John Tsang says:

    my daily routine: wake up> watch peter’s video> jerk off> watch more peter’s video> jer off>…>…>

  47. The Great Western Trendkill says:

    if I see another major outbreak/strength I will consider buying more NEO (still holding 150). I feel like this scenario is more likely since BTC just reached ATH. I’m expecting strength in the market but we’ll see

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