Lecture 11 — The future of Bitcoin?

Lecture 11 — The future of Bitcoin?

Eleventh and final lecture of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies online course. Course website: https://piazza.com/princeton/spring2015/btctech/home

In this lecture:
* The block chain as a vehicle for decentralization
* Routes to decentralization
* What can we decentralize?
* When is decentralization a good idea?

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3 Responses to Lecture 11 — The future of Bitcoin?

  1. Ali Sharif says:

    Can anyone explain what Arvind meant my "trusted hardware"; is this a computer under physical control of a node’s owner such that they can provide guarantees around the "validity" of the software running on said system?

  2. chris moles says:

    I wonder what his thoughts on Ethereum would be today!

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