Doomsday? What will happen to the Bitcoin on 1st of August?

Doomsday? What will happen to the Bitcoin on 1st of August?

There have been some developments since this video so please watch a new video about the Bitcoin I made:

Under Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 148, Bitcoin will be undergoing user activated fork on 1st of August 2017.

What does that mean? Hopefully this video will help.

And keep in mind that the video represents my own opinions 🙂

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48 Responses to Doomsday? What will happen to the Bitcoin on 1st of August?

  1. GuerrillaFPS says:

    Such bulllshit that a bunch of corporate CEOs that met in NY determine what "consensus" is for BTC, i would rather have security and immutability than cheap fast transactions. Freedom is expensive and I’m willing to pay. Many people will be hurt by this especially the new ones that have no idea what’s about to happen.

  2. Gasza UK says:

    Watch the price sky rocket when it hits $1000-$1200 low.. All this fake news is to allow massive bulk purchase of the coin at the lowest price, instigated by a crypto hedge fund! Segwit is already in place..

  3. Red Diamond says:

    Bitcoin now has down the economy it seems it will vanished like nothing before
    Beacause now the
    Prime A.K.A The bitcoin miner has been hard to mine bitcoin and the miner is limited and it also so annoying
    The money phsical
    The bitcoin ilussion or like myth
    Make money win beacause it still physic
    What god has make
    People can create
    What god has give
    People cant do it.

  4. Peter Crypto says:

    Regarding the ICO’s you should definitely do your due diligence before putting any money on them. There are very well-founded ICO’s which are worth investing for, but the majority of ICO’s are worth nothing. The only ICO I personally see attractive is the Soma Community Token, as they have a decent team and already a working product, regardless the fact that they are in a very early stage. Always look at the team, the capability to deliver the product as promised and the past funding success. SCT has all of these.

  5. Chechen Borz says:

    ahaahaahhahahhh i hope its crash

  6. Crypto Beasts says:


  7. William Lan says:

    Very informative vid man. thanks!
    May I ask which software you’re using for the presentation?

  8. vladimer chistoprudov says:

    Bool shet

  9. ThatXoneXguy says:

    Spoiler alert: nothing

  10. Servicing IQ says:

    Your all getting gamed while this crypto money get farmed through the end
    Yes it’s true, you could/can make money until the reset.

    After the reset these electro funds will not be here after the reset.
    3 master Quantiums will be used for the new crypto
    Entanglement for security
    Centric control, not pc’s in people houses.

    Oh thanks for participating in test of the crypto, don’t get caught with one in your pocket on flip day.

    End of Line

  11. Chad Lupkes says:

    Appreciate your descriptions, hope everything works out. By the way, what software are you using to do the presentation? I’m impressed.

  12. ROCK AUDITIONS says:

    Sell Bitcoin NOW and buy Ethreum. Then … after August 2nd buy Bitcoin again. Boom – done !

  13. Road Romeo says:

    speak some loudly

  14. 00rphb says:

    Properly nothing.
    Eventually it will go to zero, but no one knows the day or the hour.

  15. Wales Express says:

    The DigiByte Cryptocurrency Weekly Digest ARE YOU MISSING OUT ?

  16. Izlude Tingel says:

    Can someone make a step by step video on how to take advantage of the coin split with Bitcoin Core (if it happens)? Already sent my coins from Coinbase to Bitcoin Core. Do I export the private key? (if yes, then how? do i include the brackets in the console lines?) After export, will it no longer be available in Bitcoin Core? Would I import the key into a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

  17. Tim Miller says:

    Pillar ICO sale is Live right now!!!!

  18. Brian Evans says:

    fuck you. go fuck yourself

  19. René Casaña says:

    Pure bullshit

  20. Joel Callender says:


  21. Dee Zlo says:

    When people are saying "The majority of the bitcoin users are wanting Segwit…." About what percentage of the community wants Segwit versus the alternatives?

  22. Erek Daniels says:

    Excellent presentation. I like the step by step graphics and I think it helped me understand the fork situation better. Thank you.

  23. Kakashi says:

    holy fuck.. the comments are glorious. No one here knows what is really going on. The only thing we DO know is that LTC activated Segwit, it’s working great.. and Bitcoin should just fucking well do the same. Why risk a $40bn network to appease 1 fucking mining company? They’re acting monopolistically… time to put Bitmain right in their fucking place.

  24. trompacoable1 says:

    What are legacy bitcoins.? I thought Bitcoins were Bitcoins. I have bitcoins period. Do you mean I could loose them.
    I am totaly not aware of 2 sorts….

  25. Richard Myhan says:

    Nothing but continue to rise!

  26. Shortcut says:

    i think most downvotes are coming from people who are dissapointed in the audio quality

  27. AshburnConnectTV says:

    WHO ARE YOU? What’s your background? Why should we listen to you?

  28. TheCivilAnarchist says:

    If Bitcoin goes down just buy more simple as that lol

  29. Aek Aek says:

    1st august=eth to the moonnnn

  30. WorldPeaceMaker2000 says:

    Bitcoin Cash just another Etherium Classic…a lot of hype but no value!!!

  31. Travel-Nomad says:

    How did you make this presentation with clicking back and forth? It’sso dope 🙂

  32. David Ekstrom says:

    What Exchange will I be able to trade this on?

  33. gavin lindridge says:

    hi, I’m interested how you create these presentations? what software are you using?

  34. Freddy Chang says:

    what is a good wallet to use then?

  35. Crytocurrency Retreat says:

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    they pay you daily mining crytocurrenys my code will give you 3% discount on hashpower you buy. They are Legit!

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  36. patrick Inshuti says:

    I’m new to Bitcoin , i dont know the difference between BIP Bitcoins and Leagacy Bitcoins , may you explain?

  37. Ali Bubba says:

    dude you’re putting me to sleep

  38. Crypto Coins says:

    There have been some developments since this video so please watch a new video about the Bitcoin I made:

  39. Kiltenth says:

    I would really appreciate some donations for my university costs : 1EZkxeNdSK1MA2FMtKc5G4iQPKh7wjx6qm . Thanks you so much in advance <3

  40. Kevin Klika says:

    If there is a user activated split, shouldn’t they be setting up their own network instead? It seems like BTC is almost being hijacked, is that even close to a correct understanding of the situation?

  41. AskSaby says:

    Convert Your Bitcoin to Ethereum Before 27 Jul 17

  42. Rose M says:

    Finally got past all the childish racist nonsense, and found some posts which were worth reading.. I thought explanation good… well presented also. The posts nearer the end are well worth reading… the earlier ones….( a week ago…Ed / Mike n co…skip…move on..and down.

  43. Daniel Berei says:

    if it will not happen on 1 August I am going to hunt you down fucker!

  44. BlabsMcGillicutty says:

    Man. I cant believe how many smart idiots there are out there. Anybody buyin into this Cryptocurrency shit is retarded. Go buy some Beanie Babies.

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