Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

The story about Ronald from Kampala, Uganda who receives bitcoin from his family in the US to support his education.

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50 Responses to Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

  1. Riley Alexander says:

    such an amazingly well done video!

  2. Hardeep R says:

    Please let me know how I can exchange into from my rupee. also how do I buy some bitcoin from india rupee? I have my wallet all ok. Wallet address: 1A6hvGvCA2kGRny98GCWiBgLFrqGJeYbAn but I cannot buy bitcoin in india yes? Coinbase will not take work with bank of india. There is one or 2 shope downtown now that I know take bitcoin for electronic equipment. I believe it can grow to much more numbers throughout india as many people use mobile phone here. mobile market is on the large scale. Most people in my country as myself cant afford to much coin anyway. now $1USD of bitcoin in mycountry worth 59 Rupee so 0.001595BTC = about 59 rupee. very expensive. are there any minimum order you must make on most exchange? also what exchange can work with india bank?

    tahnk you I appreciate this community support

    – Hardeep R

  3. Joel Hampton says:

    Great job on an excellent and well put together video! 

  4. Rene Sabin says:

    Thank you for this great movie! I just pulled out my phone and send a few mBTC. Bitcoin is really mindblowing. It makes the world a much better place.
    James, I appreciate your work too, you are very inspiring. 

  5. Ayodele Rappernoni says:

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  6. Michael Eliot says:

    Dude, author, you are amazing 🙂 this is fantastic! 😀

  7. Denny Robert says:

    Who is buying Ronald’s bitcoin? Is he able to exchange directly for the goods and services he needs, or is someone exchanging Ugandan fiat for BTC?

  8. Luke Parker says:

    What a breathtaking film! I can’t wait to share it around, but I had to say thanks. Thank you Jacob & James for your awesome work making this beautiful case study of hope. 

  9. Jan Knoester says:

    Great made mi happy………..

  10. Matthew Bosward says:

    Excellent.  Thanks for sharing.

  11. CoCo Rocco says:

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  12. Ansel Lindner says:

    Beautiful video! Power to the people!

  13. Nathanael Ries says:

    "I think if we can have a currency that is not controlled by the government, everyone would be equal." – Ronald

    Took the words right out of my mouth, brother!

  14. Limbo Drones 4 FPV Noobs says:

    Probably Jamie
    made 4 accounts and tried to vote against !

    To the moon first, after that Mars !
    Using Nexus and Blockstream

  15. CRI says:

    Jacob & gang, what an amazing movie you have made. Not just flying out to Uganda for this movie to meet and interview Ronald, but so beautifully shot and edited. By doing one story well, you have given us the best coverage of the remittance market yet. So happy to have been a part of it. Thanks – James

  16. Ryan Charleston says:

    Awesome! Gets me all excited about Bitcoin all over again!

  17. Thor Matarazzo says:

    Nice to see that all the big companies are already prepared to roll out bitcoin. They are just waiting for the right moment.
    A day after yahoo announced this, google joined the club. I think when the time is ready, we will see a steamroller of big companies announcing their involvement in bitcoin because they want to be leading instead of following. Also, big stakeholders are already invested in BTC and want the price to go up! 

  18. Faris says:


  19. Atalantia Sorens says:

    We have to call the banks by theres real name: gangsters. This are the real gangsters not those millions who sit in prison because of so called finance offenses.

  20. youtfranci says:

    777 bits tip +ChangeTip 

  21. Ricardo H says:

    Bitcoin is big business

  22. онгом Алек says:

    Hello, i live in Uganda been writing news about bitcoins for one year now, if you have any challenge handling BTC or any query please write me right away i will be glad having chat about BTC with you.

  23. Daniel Navas Global Support MLM says:

    That´s why BitCoin will change the world

  24. Dash Infonode says:

    ….great vid. As the Bitcoin payment network continues to expand…things will become more user friendly and easier. Remittance – bits will be easier cash in and out of if req’d. YES… top vid.

  25. Florencia Aenlle says:

    Este documental se proyectará en el Bitfilm Festival Buenos Aires, el 29 de noviembre de 2014:

  26. r smith says:

    Finally a a human interest story I could share with my dear old mom about Bitcoin. Also important – Props to the makers of the film, and much love to the subjects who are committed to education and improving the quality of life for Ugandans. 🙂

  27. Tabs T says:

    There are only fees in this situation because he exchanged that bitcoin for shillings. But if shops and businesses accepted bitcoin there would be no fees to pay. Just use bitcoin for transactions.

  28. Shlomo Dunyo says:

    What was the soundtrack? Was it original for the film?

  29. cybrbeast says:

    What is Ronald’s Bitcoin address?

  30. gdaaps says:


  31. Ed Waggoner Sr. says:

    I love Bitcoin but I always have this question which is never answered.  I get my Bitcoin in Uganda but I need to convert it to local currency, what is the cost to do that?  10%   20%?

  32. DVS DVSDVS says:

    Freaking awesome! People with stories like this give me hope for the future. Time for plan B.

  33. James Jack says:

    Dude, you teach me code about multi-sig, and then you do this, I feel the love, overwhelming, thank you.

  34. David Vice says:

    Can you imagin what kind of spending power the average person can have if we cut out the manipulators of currencies …..

  35. Bruce Wagner says:

    To the film maker – please check out this free open source idea – it’s NOT a business. Buy Bitcoin . com ( all together ).

  36. Tamam International Solutions, LLC says:

    Very good and informative video on how Bitcoin is used and effecting people world wide.

  37. Bruce Wagner says:

    To the filmmaker: Please check out this free open source idea. It’s NOT a business.

  38. obione888 says:

    Brilliant! Its also good that Bitcoin rate has been quite steady these last few months…it is gaining ground & helping people 🙂

  39. collins murithi says:

    I am new to bitcoin but youtube has played a vital role in quenching my thirst so far. I want someone to help me understand how the process is though. I am from Kenya, Africa. Reach me via email please, i will appreciate mcollo67@gmail. com

  40. Zen says:

    What a wonderful and touching film. I really hope Bitcoin can continue to improve the lives of people all around the world 🙂

  41. balibule says:

    well done!

  42. Chinthamani Chary says:

    I like this video, but the closeup of backsides at 1:30 is jarring.

  43. Ana Amku says:

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  44. Frank Flores says:

    While the promise of #bitcoin  to help the under and unbanked communities of the world become more economically vibrant, it will not resolve the problems of money.

    Please investigate a resource based economy.

  45. Darnley Howard says:

    How many shillings did Ronald receive when he exchange his bitcoin that his sister’s fiance sent him. When we know that we’ll know the true cost of the transaction. $30 of bitcoin = ?Shillings

  46. Andrew Stone says:

    I like this video.

  47. Tierra Buena Delivery says:

    muyyyyy bueno!!!! saludos jacob!!! cuando andas por argentina?

  48. Svane says:

    This is exactly where bitcoins could be of most use! 

  49. Hélio Dias says:

    Hey folks let´s have a whatsapp group so we can discuss and help each other getting things right with bitcoin . if you have a whatsapp account add me . Just let me know why you add me and I will add you to the Bitcoin World W Group +559498150-8410 – anything less then being serious about this , I will delete you from the group! Thanks

  50. David Derhy says:

    Congratulation great movie !

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