Bitcoin Could Reach $40,000 USD Soon- Clif High’s Web Bot Bitcoin “Riding The Dragon” Report

Bitcoin Could Reach $40,000 USD Soon- Clif High’s Web Bot Bitcoin “Riding The Dragon” Report

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My Notes:
“New Money”, or Bitcoin, has been showing up in reports since 2005

ALTA forecasts focus on WORDS and not Numbers- but when numbers are prominent and repeatedly appear in the data sets, they are rigorously tested and vetted before being put on the report..and have been often right in their prediction oftentimes, in the events that transpired after being put on the report.

China will be riding the dragon that is bitcoin, and moving to embrace is as a reserve currency that is tied intimately to every individual citizen, that will be more than willing to play their part (as stakeholders) in helping bitcoin and the health of society.

China’s New Asia Initiative will likely bring 1 billion people to the internet, in about 2 and a half years.

China will be working to decriminalize how things are ran surrounding Bitcoin in the next months, and price jumps of 20+ and 20%- of some sort will occur within the time span of a week during this period.

Dither time- Bitcoin at around 888 USD and then jump to 1130 and back down. Dither seemingly more and more important a word in the datasets, and also seemingly to coincide with currency crisis’ in other markets.
1088 opening the gate and STRIDING the price toward 1448.

2020-s industrial demand for silver propelling price and civilization up. Silver can have 5+ and 20+ and 2$+ days at this point….coinciding with demand for Bitcoin, as China has a change of heart and decides to have a positive policy shift towards Bitcoin, as people use it more and more. Supporting logistical sets showed up about Russia for years, before they also embraced Bitcoin.

Clif also finds it interesting that with dow hitting 20000, as forecasted, banks are now also increasingly admitting guilt about manipulating the price of silver for years, and seeing a three digit or 600$ market price for silver is not a reach.

March = Silver 125USD to 345$ USD. Price never to be seen. These events are showing up as ancestral, as history will talk about this event in tales for many moons to come, as March is when we reach “Crisis Peak” in financial markets.

Arbitrage Impossible.

Explosive price jumps after 1088, and also GAPS in price as speculative fever drives the Chinese population to pick up Bitcoin.
These fevers are from December 2016 through all of 2019.

India/Southeast Asia fervently pick it up more, especially Indonesia.

As India and SouthEast Asia begin to seriously pick up Bitcoin, they will devise software to push prices down temporarily, and cause even more volatility- in an effort to be bargain hunters.

However increased global demand will also smooth out volatility, over time.

2300$ price dithering means that a 500 dollar sudden drop will happen.
When the price drops, news will begin to come out about how cheap Bitcoin is, and the bargain hunters will start a feeding frenzy of picking up this cheap, segmented and yet international currency, bringing it back up to 2300 in no time.

Time periods may be off by a 4 month margin, but should occur, as Israeli Financial spasms, and other governments lose control through interest rate hikes and suchs. Financial problems in SE Asia.

80808 is going to be a very stable price, when it gets there, as companies use Bitcoin for corporation trade agreements…thats the final big push for Bitcoin toward that price. 2018. (12000 USD per coin)

When Bitcoin reaches $40000 USD expect a $5000 price drops, as countries require individuals of magnanimous importance to national interest who hold whole coins to sell them at a discount.

Street price for Silver, as people are willing to pay hundreds worth of U.S. dollars to have silver in their hand…pushing the price up.

Something strange will happen around April of this year, tax season, that drives many Americans into Bitcoin- propelling the price up amidst a derivative explosion that happens over hours and days, but not weeks.

End of 2017 – Much higher numerical values for Bitcoin gold and silver, due to inflation, in relation that time’s current price of other currencies.
March 2018 – Global repricing of every thing humanity needs as the truth starved United States population comes to awareness.

Thank you for watching!
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49 Responses to Bitcoin Could Reach $40,000 USD Soon- Clif High’s Web Bot Bitcoin “Riding The Dragon” Report

  1. pharaoh_Marviyoso says:

    40k a coin ima quite ma day job.

  2. Andy Langvad says:

    u mention games n crypto, check out $GAME, GameCredits on ie. coinmarketcap, groundbreaking stuff they are doing n best performing coin, gamecredits on slack or bitcointalk, ur welcome #Datcroft #Fragoria #appmarka #gamecredits

  3. Lin Xu says:

    What do you guys think about Bitcoin now?

  4. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity says:

    WebBot is right…we are now around 1500…wow this is so amazing..many chances to gt rich off bitcoin!

  5. Brian Ramirez says:

    Time to catch up on Crypto! Long time no see bro! Ive been dead for a couple of months. Lots of exciting news.

  6. T. D. says:

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  7. Sianni Summers says:

    3EnJSr8xnM2pbri4APcRcnGejkJy9fZmxJ send me bitcoin please just a dollar?

  8. 369 The Rig Master says:

    Sky’s The Limit

  9. dom sturgess says:

    yo. cannot find your gaming channel; link please

  10. Paul Wiffen says:

    Did you get his permission to do this video, given that the report expressly said not?!!

  11. Crypto Coin Crazy says:

    Wow really great video. Thank you for passing this information!

  12. thaboomer53 says:

    I have found that the web bot is gaining much popularity lately. I have been following it for several years, and have bought my share of reports. I’m noticing lately that it is getting a lot of trash talking on many different Youtube channels. But it is also getting as much new interest. To me, this slamming and trash talking is an indicator that the bot is telling more truth than the powers that be, would like. So some might say that’s just a coincidence. I wouldn’t. Each person gets what he wants from the reports. No more, no less. But I wish the people who are going to slam the reports would just change the channel. No one is making them listen to something they think is horse pucky.

  13. Bitcoin Jake says:

    DUDE!!! You should TOTALLY get in contact with Cliff​ High! ASK to do a webcast with him about bitcoin! he’s really cool and probably would!! love you Omar! <3

  14. Truth Watcher says:

    Yes, cliff high also predicted $100 plus Silver per oz at the end of 2016.

  15. 369 The Rig Master says:

    Good Report Cheers! keep it going we have to hit 1 Million Dollars A Bitcoin by 2020!

  16. Gary Winehouse says:

    If it gets to 40,000 I’m quitting my job.

  17. Brian Ciarallo says:

    Thanks Crypto!! Always interesting!! Bix Weir says to get a Hardware Wallet or a Paper Wallet??Can someone kindly explain this to me…because I think CLIF HIGH IS BANG ON RIGHT!! Something big is coming and I’d like to get a Bitcoin or 2 or 3…and its confusing!!! Thank you!!

  18. Nathan Neiman says:

    Bitcoin derivative scam was exposed. Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme.

  19. Alan Jerousek says:

    im a believer! Just started a mining contract at Get paid daily and they offer lifetime contracts. Use the code DvMBKT and you can get 3% off your hashpower purchases. I was going to buy some ASIC miners but i think this much better alternative.

  20. ihavehotmail2 says:

    40,000 really !?! What would gold be then ?

  21. Rob Rothman says:

    My only issue with his outlook, is I’m not sure he takes Bitcoin competition into account. What happens when ETH gets to the same market cap as BTC? ZEC? Anything, and I mean anything is possible. This time next year, I’d bet a lot of $$ that Coinbase will be selling something in addition to LTC, BTC, and ETH.

  22. Jack Metcalf says:

    Have you gotten on board with Bitcoin? Please watch this, it may just save your financial well-being.

  23. Jörg Rudolph says:

    Cliff High, how often was he right? I believe, he said Bitcoin 10.000/12.000 $ in April. Nothing happened

  24. D C R says:

    Ride the Dragon……….. Love it!

  25. Magic Creator says:

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    please join my team as we have highly knowledgable team to assist you at each stage

  26. BlaTBlaIBlaTblaSBla says:

    "Crypt0" stop making videos, talking about this Clif High person. You don’t want your followers to see you as a joke in the future. Keep up the good work otherwise.

  27. Sipheng Lim says:

    Mine bitcoin here with your CPU home computer within 24h you will get payment
    I make it everyday and trust me, you can try if you want to know.

  28. миша колесников says:

    new cloud mining with bonus 100ghs !!!

  29. Decebal825 says:

    the internet has gone to shit with bullshit like that clif high , a web bot would work like that bible prophecy crap(research that).there is no way communist China will declare bitcoin legal tender man you lost respect with this shit

  30. marconi314 says:

    Sadly, none of this will come true. There will be no $600/oz silver in 2017 – or any other year. This same garbage has been predicted year after year after year by thousands of "experts" with no results. This video is just another that will find itself in either the trash bin of history or will be another headshaking, laugh out loud video in the YouTube archives. Whenever someone comes out with insane predictions like these, you just have to shake your head and move on to the next video.

  31. barkingbandicoot says:

    From clif requests: Please do not do video summaries of this report. – "Riding The Dragon"

  32. Orange Dot says:

    Appreciate the time it took for you to do this. Thanks.

  33. Sebastián Medina Vélez says:

    Hello. I want to buy the may predictions on by bitcoin but i havent benn  able to find the email address to send the payment  support .
    Thank you

  34. Gene Everett says:

    Not happening

  35. Blissed Out says:

    Hi Crypto, thanks for the fun video! I’ve been following Clif on YT for a while now and I’ve never heard him talk about the other cryptocurrencies like Ether, Dash etc… Have you? Take care dude.

  36. Jörg Rudolph says:

    For what kind of technology needs the industry silver after 2020 ? What says the data? How can he predict it? Give me an example.

  37. ktm idaho says:

    Did you just learn about the web bots?

  38. Alebi Gaming says:

    Hey Omar,

    Are you on Telegram and do you have a group ?

  39. ganar dinero en linea says:

    thanks for the ewb report


    cryptO is a very sincere and caring fellow. If you need help –his the man to help you !! Aloha from Hawaii e-mail him and dont forget to donate–his worth it.

  41. Vijay kumar says:

    Very Informative

  42. James Ram says:

    40k is a little far out but its possible

  43. dom sturgess says:

    hey C.
    just ate half a large leftover chocolate father christmas before you got onto self denial; oops!
    just got back into cryto stuff today after a busy few weeks, including another steamit 101 video. I haven’t signed up yet; are you still liking it?
    also since you mentioned minecraft ( i will check out your channel) what are your thoughts on Augmentors the btc based game and any other dlt based games with token features?


  44. Dan Anderson says:

    Rule #3

  45. COMET212 says:

    I’m buy Bitcoins, ETH (Ethereum) and raw Silver by the motherfucking boat load. Let the HUNGER GAMES begin.

  46. nick lamarca says:

    Thanks Crypto! Aside from what others said, the only reason i was even aware and bought Clifs report was because of your videos. So in that way you helped support Clifs work

  47. BlaTBlaIBlaTblaSBla says:

    I created my own Web bot today. It’s way smarter then Clif High’s. My Web bot is predicting that Clif High is full of B.S.

  48. HasToBeMe says:

    weren’t you in the DAO? hmm…

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