Bitcoin ATMs – How To Use Them

Bitcoin ATMs – How To Use Them

Today I check out another local Bitcoin ATM, so as to highlight some differences compared to my first ATM video.

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47 Responses to Bitcoin ATMs – How To Use Them

  1. Felix DuBois says:

    Thanks for sharing Ben! I am always waiting for your videos and since I am still learning all about bitcoins and haven’t had the opportunity yet to purhase bitcoins; have been trying to learn all that is possible about the bitcoin system. Where I’m from almost no’one knows anything about Bcoins. Can You believe? And why I want to be ahead of everyone. Take care and keep those videos coming. And also I enjoy watching your videos. They are awesome and at the same time I travel there where You are. From the Caribbean; your friend!!! Bye ! ! !

  2. KiDs LifE says:

    Thank you for video,
    which application do u use?

  3. Tim Nguyen says:

    What Bitcoin Wallet do you use for Iphone?

  4. ZambonieDude says:

    I’m actually interested in buying a Bitcoin ATM & very helpful in understanding the basics of how the machine works.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Abdelaziz Elrashed says:

    When those ATMs will be in Middle East? Any estimations?

  6. Leandro Polla says:

    Eu estava pensando em aceitar bitcoins em negócios, mas o que mais me
    deixa com um pé atrás é o fato de que eu posso perder dinheiro muito
    facilmente com as variações de cotação. Dai para proteger esses negócios
    tive uma ideia e com isso surgiu a seguinte dúvida:
    Existe algum software que auto regule os preços de produtos em loja virtual mediante cotação atual de determinada moeda virtual ou oficial (em tempo real de preferência)?

  7. Kaynos says:

    So you paid 20$ to get 0.01099 BTC. You withdraw the same 20$ for 0.01276 BTC. That’s a 0.00177 BTC just in fees.

  8. Bernard C says:

    Hi Ben!. Is the Bitcoin ATM at Sunridge Mall compatible with Dash in that you can sell Dash coins to get cash like how you did with Bitcoin?

  9. The Evil Potato says:


  10. Johnny Capote says:

    Hey Ben, I use Mycellium and have located an Autocoinage ATM at a bizarre location in my hood, but I dont use data on my phone. Do most Bitcoin ATMs communicate via Bluetooth as well, I believe Mycellium requires a connection but not sure If I would need it to send my bitcoin or to buy. I feel I am missing a step. Thanks for doing these, they are very helpful, Im in Montreal.

  11. YankeeinSC1 says:

    …this is embarassing for this guy, or anyone for that matter that thinks running to an ATM style machine, inserting bills, printing reciepts and entering phone numbers to transact in Bitcoins is how it should work. Not to mention paying ATM fees. THE ATM IS NOW OBSOLETE!!!! but I guess you have to start somewhere….

    The stupidity of this video (and peoples lack of understanding) that would tie B to an ATM is equivalent to insisting you run your newest OS upgrade on an abbacus…

    I wonder if your online banking through (insert the name of your bank here) will ever allow dirrect low or no fee conversion of your USD funds to B. …Dont count on it at least not for less than a typical banking fee…

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  13. Prosper With Shaq says:

    this is amazing.

  14. Mike Taylor says:

    what app for android name please thanks

  15. SEOT1Services says:


  16. Alimi Olawale says:

    can anyone help me to exchange TBC to BTC kindly get me on

  17. vishnu kd says:

    Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=>

  18. Geoff Gartner says:

    And off to Edo’s

  19. hustle24 money says:

    cool..still mining

  20. dd8209 says:

    After watching a few videos, I have noticed that everyone uses a phone to buy the currency. The question I have is If I walk in with the BTC QR code address of my wallet on a piece of paper will this work?
    If so what size should the QR code be. I do not have a phone.

  21. enkhee natsag says:

    Thank god it is most easy way

  22. Neo says:

    Shittt btc was cheap lol

  23. eganzale says:

    Thanks for your videos and hard work, because of you I’m thinking of moving some of my assets over to crypto just in case. Plus it feels good giving it to the man and not play into his fiat currency ponzi scheme 🙂

  24. dale p says:

    Anyone ever used What was your experience ?

    Any other Canadian Companies that you would suggest. I won’t use Quadrigacx or Wall of Coins.

  25. Heinz Schumacher says:

    it is better to work for Bitcoin instead to buy it.

  26. Matthew Timothy says:

    lets do a collab Ben! Awesome Vlog, like your style. Hit me up!

  27. KELLEN KASH says:

    easier to buy than to sell

  28. Nova Generation says:

    What type of wallet, like what’s jt called

  29. Mike B says:

    lol I passed that atm this week. ty for explaining how to use it!

  30. dresell4940 says:

    Does anyone know what happens if I sent the bitcoin to the wallet of the recipient from the ATM not through my wallet first?

  31. tea sg says:

    heyyy i am in calgary too lol, can i get cash from btc?

  32. Ali Bubba says:

    that’s complicated as shit

  33. pguimond1507 says:

    Watch out for the selling price of Bitcoin on those machines, been buying and took a friend to show how to use the machine. Noticed the priced of 1 Bitcoin was $1760 Cdn, yet on Google the price was $1450, we went to another location, price was $1565 plus a fee, the ATM had frozen up, so we went to yet another ATM they were selling 1 Bitcoin for $2021
    I now buy on Coinbase

  34. Peter Murphy says:

    What is the maximum withdrawal with and without ID from that Atm. in Sunridge Mall? Also does the machine allow for custom fees?

  35. Michael Schuda says:

    What abut transaction fees?

  36. hendrik Pangalayo says:

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  37. Doomsdeal - says:

    I need more explanation than this. How is it that you can cash out with the same ticket that already sends the btc to your btc wallet.

  38. James Bond says:

    Ben, what are the premiums for buying and selling through the Bitcoin ATM?

    People have been telling me it is very high premiums in Canada.

  39. Ja'Nice Christine H. says:

    thanks! that’s easy-peasy. my credit cards won’t go through on Bitstamp. even after I called them and told them to stop blocking the payment. I’m maxed out on Coinbase. wiring is too expensive. so I’m heading to Orlando tomorrow to buy me some BTC so I can spend it on Changelly. ah, so many coins! ~crossing my fingers it goes as well.

  40. Greeni2gold says:

    is this an android or digital camera you have in your hand to film yourself? what is it….i love the sound and quality.

  41. cricketcrazy437 says:

    hi, can we send money from paper wallet to the QR code on the slip

  42. JKingJay says:

    yes, what about the fees for selling bitcoin?? how much are they? When you buy bitcoin the fee is pretty high. is it a high fee when seeing as well?

  43. Nick McLean says:

    Wow definitely seem’s like an expensive way to buy. Having some technical difficulties with Quadrigacx right now having a lot of backlog with etransfers I guess, think i’ll be doing most of my buying through coinbase, seems like a happy medium

  44. Alex Sky says:

    What wallet do you use !?

  45. Andrew Louis says:

    do these atm’s work with coinbase? like would these atm be a way to curb the whole issue of canadian coinbase users not being able to cash out their bitcoins?

  46. tersa1000 says:

    Not sure I get this. You bought $20 worth of BC and then you immediately sold it back for $20. Where is the spread? You lost nothing?

  47. MahmoudoV says:

    is it safe to invest in cryptcurrency ?

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